Emerged from the love for vintage keys and taking a direction which is directly inspired by the likes of British Mute Records act Komputer and German pioneers Kraftwerk, Metroland will ride you through an electronic landscape, layered with authentic warm sequences and robotic vocals, accompanied by analogue drum machines.

Now, close your eyes for a short period and imagine yourself being on a journey. No matter whether you are riding the train, taking the subway, driving a car,..just try to imagine all things simply passing you by. It is precisely all those trivial things that suddenly get a different dimension when glorified by synthesizer-duo Metroland.

From joyful melodic beauties like 'Enjoying the view' or 'Travelling' over the more dark and sinister 'Mind the gap' to the pumping 'elektro discow' of 'Moscow Main' or the driving 'It's More fun to commute', both artists Passenger A and Passenger S will keep you hooked for every possible bleep with this set of the most fine and pure electronics.

Metroland's music is set to mark yet another interesting journey in the electronic scene.